Get Started

NeuroTechX Student Clubs

1. Meet with people

  • Probe interest
  • Minimum number of 3 is recommended
  • Find mentors (graduate students and/or prof)

2. Organize your team

  • Shared Resources (G-Drive)
  • Organization & Planning
  • Members & Roles
Neurotech meeting
Neurotech meeting

3. Seek university approval

  • For money, meeting space, help with communications, etc.

4. Start website (required for sponsorship & hardware)

Your student club website should contain at least the following information:
  • University logo
  • Projects
  • Team
  • Partners
  • Contact Us / Join our Club!

5. Start by reproducing experiments to build competences

Here is a list of resources:

6. Seek fabrication space*

  • Many cities have FabLab

7. Organize your own event(s)

  • Introduction / Demonstration
  • NeuroTech 101
Neurotech meeting

Join Us! What’s a student club?

  • All core members must be undergrads.
  • The club can be mentored by graduate students and professors.
  • 3 Students (minimum) to be recognized as a club.
  • University recognition as an official student club is highly recommended.
  • All members must be registered in the same university/campus
  • The team is expected to participate to the annual competition
  • Reach out to us, we'll help you get started! studentclubs[at]neurotechx[dot]com

NeuroTechX implication / relationship

The student clubs are independant and have their own administrative structure, according to their university rules & standards. NeuroTechX does not have any governance nor authority over the club.

NeuroTechX is an international entity putting a framework around neurotechnology student clubs. Most universities won’t finance a student club it they are the only one alike on the planet. We help student clubs point a finger at us showing that it exists and more and more universities have their neurotech student clubs and yours should too.

NeuroTechX organizes one or more annual competition, either online or physical in a specific location and we strongly encourage all the student clubs part of the network to participate. You can find more information about the competition here.

NeuroTechX acts as a partner/sponsor. And should be displayed as such on your student club marketing material (website, swag merchandise, banners, etc.) You can find NeuroTechX marketing assets here or in the shared G-Drive folder.

NeuroTechX can help student clubs by donating devices (e.g. Neurosky, Muse Headband, OpenBCI Boards, etc.) this is at the discretion of NeuroTechX Student Club Committee.

NeuroTechX will feature your student club on its website and give you as much visibility as possible. (e.g. share your events, your projects, etc.)

The student clubs should buy their devices from NeuroTechX Store (work in progress). The devices are the same price or less and NeuroTechX gets money from it. 2 birds 1 stone.

We are working with our partners to get a discount code for NeuroTechX Student Clubs should be available soon.

Why join the NeuroTechX Student Club Initiative?

  • Access to resources.
  • Access to competitions.
  • Access to our partners.
  • Access to internship & job opportunities.*
  • Access to research labs. (for graduate programs & RA)
  • Be part of the International Neurotechnology Network.
  • Be part of this amazing journey! Help us shape the future.
  • Get visibility. Both for you and your school.
  • Discounts with our partners (hardware, events, etc.)
  • ...

Why join a NeuroTech Student Club in the first place?

  • Meet other talented and like minded students at your university
  • Learn about neurotechnology (more than you would do on your own)
  • Work on cool neurotech projects
  • Have access to resources from your university
  • Be part of something

Topics / Subjects / Fields

Here is a non-exhaustive list of fields that could be explored through a NeuroTech Student Club. Click here for details on neurotechnology applications.

  • Neurotechnology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronics / Hardware
  • 3D Printing
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Biosignals
  • Wearables
  • IoT
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computational Neuroscience

NeuroTechnology is a very multidisciplinary field. We encourage the student clubs to explore the fields they are interested in throughout the year and present their project for the annual competition in the “Open Challenge” category. Check the competition document for more information.


What kind of activities should the student club organize and/or engage in? It will obviously depend on the student club itself, its members and the kind of university and ecosystem they are in. Some might be more technical, some might do more events than others.

Here are some activities:

  • Annual Competition Projects
  • Workshops
  • Public Event (awareness)
  • Lectures / Talks (invite professors and/or grad students)

    Please share with us your events. We will help you reach out people!