Frequently Asked Questions

No. We actually discourage you to name your student club with “NeuroTech” in it, as cities Chapters are named NeuroTech[City]. Be original!

Of course! The competition has two types of challenges: a fixed and an open challenge. We encourage you to explore what you’d like!

Yes! All you need is a written confirmation from your university that we can use the university name and logo when referring to your group.

Follow the step at the Get Started page and reach out to us!

The competition is for undergraduate students only, but you can still act as a mentor for your university club!

Unfortunately, the competition is only for university students. Please reach out to us if you want to get involved into creating new types of competition.

No, but graduate students and professors may help you getting started.

Yes, however you are strongly encouraged to support your home university’s student club. Please reach out to us if such a need

Yes, you can register as a student group. Make sure your university agrees for you to use its name.

Now that you found some students to start the club with you, you should start learning about neurotechnologies, BCI and neurosciences. A good starting point is to look at the curriculum of a NeuroTechX student club. Plenty of resources are available, including examples of projects. The NeuroTechX Educational website is also our favorite resource for learning the basics of neurotechnologies.