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Getting Started

An easy project for one person might be difficult for someone else. Therefore we have broken down the projects as to either requiring no programming experience (plug and play) or requiring some experience. You will notice that with certain EEG headsets that there is more tutorials than others. This is likely due to the ease of development when using that device.



Your choice of headset will depend on what you intend to use it for. The answer will depend on your budget, interest, project idea and the number of electrodes required. Before purchasing a headset, think about your programming experience and Project Idea.



What is NeuroTechnology? Anything that records from or directly interfaces with the human brain. For the time being, we are excluding technologies that rely on downstream signals like EMG (muscles) and EKG (heartrate). What are the fields that are involved/interested in non-pharmaceutical Neurotech? Learn about them here.